German Language Guide for Travelers + Free Download!

English is a Germanic language, but that doesn’t mean that German is intuitive at all for English speakers. Because English also draws heavily on many other languages, especially romance languages such as French, German vocabulary looks almost unrecognizable to any English speaker!

German is spoken mainly in Central Europe, in the countries of Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. It’s one of the most widely spoken languages in the European Union and in the world, so as you can see, it’s pretty useful to know German!


If you come across these letters in German, pronounce them this way:

ä as in let

äu or eu as in toy

ei as in fine

ie as in green

ö as in worm (without the r sound afterwards)

sch as in shop

sp as in spiel

st as in sht

ü as in tea (while rounding the lower lip

z as in mats (ts sound)

ß as in moss (double s sound)


Or, if you prefer it in PDF form for printing, click here.

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See why Switzerland is the most beautiful place in the world

It’s no big secret that I adore Switzerland, maybe even more than my own native country (but don’t tell my fellow Canadians that!) Mountain ranges, skiing, villages that look like they haven’t changed a bit since the 1800s, chocolate, Bern, a hodgepodge of languages, fondue, the rail system, cobblestones, fresh air, and being able to avoid human contact are some of the reasons I love Switzerland as much as I do.

Are you not sold yet on the idea of the great Swiss country? Allow these photos to convince you otherwise.

The Matterhorn peak towers above Zermatt, on a blue sunny beautiful day in Switzerland.
Are you convinced yet, looking at the Matterhorn’s jagged beauty?
The picturesque vinyards of the Valais region in Switzerland border Lake Geneva and feature mountains, rolling hills, and small villages
How about now, staring at the lush green vinyards?
The characteristic architecture of Bern against a lush backdrop of trees and greenery
What about now, seeing Bern from above?
An empty street in Bern with cobblestones, cars, and classic architecture
Looking at this beautiful empty street, are you convinced?
A sailboat in Lake Geneva near Lausanne, against a mountainous cloudy backdrop
Are you imagining yourself in this sailboat on Lake Geneva?
Snowcapped mountain peaks  shrouded with clouds near the Jungfrau in Interlaken, Switzerland
Or climbing the Jungfrau, high above the clouds?
A ship temporarily housing the Olympic Museum in Lausanne is docked in the calm blue waters of Lake Geneva, against a backdrop of blue skies and mountains
Do you feel like visiting the Olympic Museum now?
Rolling green hills dotted with homes, trees, and mountains shrouded with mist on the way up to the Jungfrau in Interlaken, Switzerland
Or what about herding sheep and living a rustic life in these beautiful foothills?
The Chateau d"Yvoire, a French castle situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, as seen from afar
Maybe gazing at the Chateau d’Yvoire will convince you that Switzerland is the most perfect country.

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The 5 cities in Switzerland you must visit

Switzerland is a beautiful country, but there are so many places there that you’d be driven crazy trying to visit them all. These are the major cities in Switzerland that you should visit when you go.

1. Bern
Often overlooked, Bern is actually the capital of Switzerland, contrary to what most think. It’s a real hidden gem, with a beautiful old town that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s not yet filled with tourists and the streets are comfortably filled with mostly Swiss. The city has a certain old charm and appeal, and feels like history brought back to life with the cobblestones, decorative fountains, and farmers’ markets.

2. Geneva
Geneva can certainly be considered the culture capital of Switzerland. Popping into the UN, seeing the Jet d”Eau, or visiting the Art and History Museum, all seem like the quintessential Geneva experience. Geneva is a mix of historical architecture in modern surroundings.

3. Zurich
Zurich is the place to be for modernity. Even with it’s old architecture, Zurich manages to infuse its streets with irresistible post WWII feeling. There are many cultural attractions around town, but Zurich is also a city worth shopping in, with many high-end stores.

4. Zermatt/Interlaken
Both of these cities are gorgeous, but both are also essentially the same for tourists. I’d say pick one. Zermatt has the Matterhorn, Interlaken has the Jungfrau. Zermatt has the small town charm and winter skiing, Interlaken has two beautiful lakes and an ice carving cave. I recommend Interlaken for those with younger kids, and Zermatt for adults.

5. Lucerne
Lucerne, as well, is not often mentioned when people are recommending places to visit in Switzerland. The city is beautiful and there are a dearth of places to visit, but my favourite is the Kapellbrucke, the painted bridge spanning the Reuss River.

Happy travelling!


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