Conversational French 101


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Going along our previous train of thought from Paris Do’s and Don’ts, I thought it would be a good idea to break out a very basic guide to speaking French. After all, trying something new can’t hurt, plus, you’ll earn brownie points from the locals for trying!

Bonjour (bohn-joor): Hello

Comment ca va? (kom-mon sah vah): How are you?

Je voudrais… (juh voo-dreh): I would like …

Ou est… (ooh ay): Where is …

Je ne comprends pas (juh nuh kom-prahn pah): I don’t understand

Parlez-vous anglais? (par-lay voo ong-lay): Do you speak English?

Les toilettes (lay twa-lette): The washroom

S’il vous plait (seel voo play): Please

Merci (mehr-see): Thanks

Excusez-moi (ex-kew-zay mwa): Pardon

De rien (duh ree-ehn): You’re welcome

Au revoir (oh reh-vwar): Goodbye

Oui (wee): Yes

Non (nohn): No

Je m’appelle… (juh mah-pel): My name is…

Now go! Be free! And be armed with your new French vocab!

If you’d like to check out what you should do with this fancy new vocab, click here! If you’re looking for something a bit different, click here! And if you want to know where you are, click here!

Author: Chelsea Mae

Chelsea Mae created Live Wanderfully to inspire other likeminded travelers, storytellers, and dreamers to embark on their next adventures. Live Wanderfully is now home to tons of travel resources: tips, tricks, and ramblings learned on the journey of a lifetime.

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