The only trick you will ever need to getting a later checkout time

pastaYeah, I know I’m kind of a terrible person for doing this, but it works so incredibly well and it doesn’t hurt anybody, as in my experience, cleaning crews only come around a few hours after a room is vacated.

You ready for it?

This is it.

If you are in a group of at least two, have one person go down and check out and another stay in the room to let the person who checked out back in.

If you are travelling solo, you could do one of a few things. The bolt and chain system works really well at propping the door open. Alternately, you could use something else like a book or a trash can. However, this looks rather conspicuous. I prefer to take something like a sticky note or a piece of masking tape and cover the latch bolt, dead bolt, and any other part of the side of the door that sticks out so that there’s nothing sticking out from the side of the door.


Evidently, losing things from your room might be a concern, so pack up before you go to check out and take your bags with you. When you’re done, return to your room and enjoy the sweet feeling of success.

That’s it for today, guys! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and make sure to like this post, even if you think I’m less of a person now!

Author: Chelsea Mae

Chelsea Mae created Live Wanderfully to inspire other likeminded travelers, storytellers, and dreamers to embark on their next adventures. Live Wanderfully is now home to tons of travel resources: tips, tricks, and ramblings learned on the journey of a lifetime.

4 thoughts on “The only trick you will ever need to getting a later checkout time”

  1. Hahah we have done this but only because we weren’t finished packing and check-out time was approaching. And again because everyone needed to use the restroom before leaving.


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