Are You a Power Passport Holder?

The little black, red, green, or blue book that can get you anywhere in the world. Well… almost anywhere. Does your passport make the cut? Below are some of the most powerful and weakest passports in the world.

You might expect these two countries to be tied for first place: the United Kingdom and United States of America at 147 visa free countries!

South Korea, France, and Germany are tied for 2nd place, at 145 visa free countries, and in third place, Italy and Sweden provide 144 visa free countries.

Where does my beloved Canada fall? I was surprised to find that we were only at fifth place, tied with Switzerland for 142 countries. I mean, come on! Famous Canadian politeness is getting us nowhere.


As you might expect, Western Europe and Southeast Asia are killing this index, raking in 13 of the 15 top ranked passports, and for good reason. Both recently and historically, those two regions have been some of the diplomatically calmer places in the world.

Now for the weakest passports. Drumroll please, as we announce the ultimate losers of this index.

Myanmar, the Solomon Islands, the Palestinian Territories, Sao Tome and Principe, and South Sudan, tied for 80th place, at just 28 visa-free countries.

At 79th place, Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti, Nepal, and Ethiopia, at 38 countries. 78th place goes to Burundi, Haiti, Comoros, Equatorial Guinea, and Bhutan with 40 countries. Altogether, not so bad in the grand scheme of things.

Don’t despair if you find that your beloved passport happens to be one of the weakest ones on this list, or even one that isn’t listed in the top three. After all, that’s why visas exist!

Happy travels!

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Author: Chelsea Mae

Chelsea Mae created Live Wanderfully to inspire other likeminded travelers, storytellers, and dreamers to embark on their next adventures. Live Wanderfully is now home to tons of travel resources: tips, tricks, and ramblings learned on the journey of a lifetime.

3 thoughts on “Are You a Power Passport Holder?”

  1. Very interesting read, I remember traveling through Eastern Europe with a friend who had a South African passport. They almost ignored me when they saw my U.S. passport but it was like a 45 minute ordeal when they saw his South African passport


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