Tips for comfortable flying

I have a deep love-hate relationship with flying. On one hand, I love travelling and the whole process of getting through the airport and onto the plane. I love flying and feeling like I’m on an adventure. I even strangely like airplane food! On the other hand, being in an airport of any kind makes me sad. Airplanes are loud, seats are cramped, security checks make me flustered, and being confined to a seat for more than two hours makes me miserable.

Out of all of the above factors, I think the discomfort of actually flying is the worst. I’ve come up with a good system to keep myself comfortable in the air.

  1. Always always always bring a toothbrush and toothpaste or mouthwash! I don’t know about you but my mouth feels terrible after I eat and then take a nap.
  2. Stay hydrated. We aren’t good at staying hydrated even when we’re on land, but it gets worse at 8-10 km above sea level. Bring a water bottle if you don’t want to constantly irritate the flight attendants and try to stick to water or tea since coffee, alcohol, and juice generally make you feel even more dehydrated.
  3. Bring small snacks if you hate airplane food (never had this problem) or are flying on a plane that doesn’t offer meals (always have this problem). Granola bars and fruits work particularly well for this. Being hangry on a long haul flight is the worst.
  4. Check in early at home, because some airlines let you pick your own seats. I go for aisle seats because it’s much easier to get up and walk around, which I do a lot of.
  5. Hoodies, blankets, and large scarves are a must because airplanes are eternally cold. Like it is never warm in an airplane. You will freeze. Trust me.
  6. The hum of an airplane can drive anybody crazy, and coupled with the sound of wailing babies and oblivious neighbours, you’ll wish you lacked the ability to hear. Earplugs or good headphones usually fix this problem.
  7. The worst part of flying is the stiffness and swollen feet and ankles. I like to bring flip-flops so that my feet can expand without being constricted by sneakers. I also get up every hour or so to stretch my legs. It drives the cabin crew crazy, but deep vein thrombosis is no laughing matter. I also do the exercises shown in the Qantas video below. Finally, after deplaning, I like to lie down and prop my feet up to get the blood drain down.

I hope I made your next flight slightly less bearable. In the meantime, stay tuned on this website and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Happy travelling!



Author: Chelsea Mae

Chelsea Mae created Live Wanderfully to inspire other likeminded travelers, storytellers, and dreamers to embark on their next adventures. Live Wanderfully is now home to tons of travel resources: tips, tricks, and ramblings learned on the journey of a lifetime.

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